One of the biggest differences between Amazon’s new Amazon Fire tablet and the Kindle is that it runs on the same operating system. Unlike the Kindle, you can’t boot into Android or any other program on this thing. You must do things yourself, like make a text file from an RSS feed or download a movie.

Amazon’s aim was to give customers something that feels as if it’s part of the program, or even something that is built into the program. The interface is easy enough to use that the users will forget they’re not using the real Kindle. It’s pretty simple for the customer, but it still makes sense for Amazon to make it so close to the real thing.

I’ve used many different types of tablets before, and I’ve had some problems with some of them. The iPad, for example, couldn’t handle all of my data and didn’t even recognize any of the files I had in my folder. On the plus side, this meant that I could multitask while working on email. On the minus side, it meant that I had to carry around an entire iPad for various functions.

Amazon seems to have taken the opposite approach with its tablet. Everything works, even if it takes some doing.

Unlike older tablets, the Amazon Fire isn’t a portable CD in a special format. It’s still a fairly large device that you need to carry around in a case. The microSD card slot doesn’t quite do it for me, either. What I mean by that is that you still have to make the effort to insert the disk, but you can’t put it into the iPad.

Amazon has done a good job, though, of creating a very simple interface for your own personal use. One complaint about the Kindle isthat there’s no music player, which means that while you are reading, you’ll miss the music that you want to listen to. On the Amazon Fire, though, you can choose from any number of music players.

If you don’t like Amazon, then this is not the tablet for you. However, if you have Amazon Prime, this is the tablet for you. Amazon offers something that nobody else can offer, and I’ve enjoyed many hours of use with it. If you’re on the fence about whether to get one, go ahead and get one.

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